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Ex-FBI Agent Edwin Foltz Who Headed Up Campbell Soup Dies at Age 93

Edwin Foltz took an interesting career path, serving as an FBI agent during World War II before he eventually headed up Campbell Soup.

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By Sally A. Downey
Philadelphia Inquirer
PHILADELPHIA — Edwin J. Foltz, 93, a former FBI agent who became president of Campbell Soup International, died of pneumonia Thursday at Waverly Heights, a retirement community in Gladwyne.

Mr. Foltz joined Campbell Soup Co.in Camden in 1953. He was named vice president of personnel in 1958 and two years later became head of the company’s operations in Australia, Europe, and Mexico.

His daughter, Dorothy Foltz-Gray, said that when she and her siblings were growing up, they would ask him what he did at Campbell’s. “He would tell us he stirred the soup,” Foltz-Gray said, “and we wondered why he wore a suit and tie to work.” Even in his final illness he was quipping, “M’mm, m’mm good,” when he sipped soup, she said.

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