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FBI Denies it Edited Oklahoma Bombing Security Videotapes

Oklahoma City Federal Building [1]

Oklahoma City Federal Building

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — The FBI is denying suggestions that it edited soundless videotapes of the aftermath of the Oklahoma bombing, the Associated Press reported.

The denial came in the form of an email to the Associated Press. [2]

“The FBI made no edits or redactions in the processing of these videos,”FBI spokesman PaulĀ  Bresson wrote to the Associated Press. “The tapes are typical security cameras – the view switches camera to camera every few seconds.”

The FBI released more than 24 security camera tapes from buildings near the Oklahoma bombing that showed the chaos after the bombing.

Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue obtained the tapes through the Freedom of Information Act and complained of them being blank at times shortly before the explosion that killed 168.

“They have been edited,” Trentadue told the Associated Press.