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African Americans Question Secret Service Commitment to Protecting Pres. Obama

white house photo [1]
white house photo

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The recent White House party crashing incident has apparently left some African Americans doubting the Secret Service’s commitment to protecting the nation’s first black president, the Washington Post is reporting.

“They allowed that couple to get in there, so obviously someone’s not doing their job,” Doug Pierce, of Cleveland, Tenn., who was touring the District told the Post. “You can’t help worrying about the president. He’s a black man, and it’s probably a lot of people out in the world trying to get to him.”

Joseine Applewhite, 40, a legal assistant from Washington remarked to the Post: “I think the Secret Service needs to step up their game a little bit. After all, the first lady was there on the night of the state dinner, and I believe the kids were also. I think a lot of black folks are angry about it. And why weren’t the Salahis arrested? Black folks are asking themselves that question. I am just upset about all of it.”

Mark Sullivan, director of the Secret Service said the agency is committing more resources to the first family than ever before, the Post reported.

“Regardless of who the president is, we know there’s always someone out there who wants to harm the president,” Sullivan said. “The fact that he’s African American has never been lost on us.”

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