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June 2010
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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

DEA Agent Nabs Robber at D.C. Subway Station

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — DEA agent Phil Kearney has hunted Afghan heroin traffickers over the years, but last week was a little different, according to Washington Post Columnist John Kelly.

Kelly writes that Kearney, who is now stationed in Ottawa, but was in Washington on business last week, was at the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station in Washington ” backpack on his back, suitcase in his hand, suit jacket on and tie around his neck.”

Suddenly, he spotted a robber steal a cellphone from the hands of a commuter on the platform, Kelly wrote. The robber then hopped onto a stopped train.

“He shouted “Police!” and gave chase: through the train car (“people were jumping out of the way,” he said), out of the train car (“in one door and out another”), up the down escalator (“I’ve only ever seen it done in movies — it’s not as easy as it looks”), over the turnstile (“I’ve still got my suitcase”), up another down escalator,” Kelly wrote.

A federal air marshal, who heard the DEA agent’s shout, joined the chase and the two caught the robber at the top of the escalator, Kelly wrote.

The Metro Police, which patrol the subways, arrested the youth.

“They asked me my age — I tell them 41,” Kearney said, according to the Post. “They ask the robber, he says 15.”

Kelly wrote that the Metro police broke out laughing told the youth he should be ashamed to be nabbed by such an old guy.

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