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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Sylvester Stallone to Play Late Mobster John Gotti? Son Says Forgeddabout It

By Allan Lengel

Sylvester Stallone as the mob Godfather John Gotti? Forgeddabout it!

The Wrap, a Hollywood website, reports that “John “Junior” Gotti wants Sylvester Stallone to stop telling people he’ll play his father, legendary mob boss John Gotti, in a movie based on his life — a charge Sly denies.”

But the Wrap reports that Junior Gotti and his partners insist that’s what’s been going on.

“It’s frustrating, because when we’re talking to anybody — actors, studio finance people — we keeping getting the same spiel that Stallone is making this movie,” Marc Fiore, chief executive officer of Fiore Films, who have teamed up with the younger Gotti, told TheWrap. “I tried to talk to him about it and his people said they’d get back to us.”

The Wrap reported that Stallone had dinner with Gotti and publicly stated that he was considering a Gotti project. But Gotti said he went with the lower profile Fiore Films.

Father John J. Gotti

“Marc knew the direction we wanted to go in. Stallone wanted a mob ‘shoot ‘em up’ movie. This is a father-and-son story,” Gotti told TheWrap.

The feds in New York tried prosecuting Gotti Jr. in four different trial, all which resulted in a hung jury. Prosecutors finally gave up and dropped the charges. His father, the boss of the Gambino crime family,  died in prison in 2002 at age 61.

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