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December 2011
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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Republican Candidates Run Wild with FBI Falsehoods, Associated Press Finds

By Danny Fenster

Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachman told a group of Republican faithfuls on Oct. 28 that “Obama is allowing terror suspect groups to write the FBI’s terror training manual,” a wildly false statement, according to the Associated Press.

But that didn’t stop other Republican hopefuls from repeating the claims, reports the Associated Press in a story published on the Washington Post website. This past weekend primary candidate Newt Gingrich told a Des Moines, Iowa veterans’ forum that the Obama administration “issued instructions, for example, that in developing training papers on terrorism that no mention should be made of radical Islam.”

The latest, according to AP, was fellow candidate  Rick Santorum’s statement, made to another Des Moine crowd, that Obama “actually ordered all references to Islam and Muslim sanitized out of our national security documents.”

The statement’s stem from FBI efforts to deal with problems that arose when it came to light that an FBI instructor was giving lectures highly critical of Islam. Investigating the matter, the FBI found a small amount of inappropriate material–suggestions that mainstream American Muslims are terrorist sympathizers, for example–and immediately got rid of it, AP reported.

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