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December 2011
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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Countrywide Financial Agrees to Pay $335 Million Settlement to Resolve Allegations of Lending Discrimination

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Comment from writewhatsrights
Time December 23, 2011 at 12:20 am

It is journalistically irresponsible and bigoted for journalist to proliferate the bigoted concept that the political label “Hispanic” is, in some way, a racial or ethnic category distinguishable from white, black, or Asian. Relying on the words of Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, the premise in this news piece is clear: In the United States, if one is describe as “Hispanic” then one must have the same biological features and physical characteristics as everyone else described as “Hispanic”   Latin Americans are as diverse as non Latin Americans, and it is impossible to describe them as having similar features or physical characteristics.   Having a Spanish or Portuguese surname, or speaking Spanish has nothing to do with Latin Americans’ BIOLOGY because in colonial Latin America a Spanish or Portuguese(christian) surname, was a pre condition to being baptized, and, more importantly, those languages are the official languages in Latin America. So, if the Justice Department Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez is proliferating such a bigoted concept then the Justice Department violating the civil rights of everyone politically labeled “Hispanic.”  Therefore, journalists reiteration of  the Attorney General’s bigoted concept not only ignores and proliferates the bigotry but it also flies-in-the-face of good and ethical journalism.

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