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“Seven Second Bandit”, Out on Early Release, Wanted Again

By Danny Fenster

Out of federal prison only since July, the “Sevon-Second Bandit” Jack Mannino is again wanted in connection with a bank robbery, reports [2] SILive.com.

Mannino, a former Gambino Crime Family associate,  got his name in the 1990’s, according to SI Live, when he was caught entering banks with a package and threatening tellers that he would detonate a bomb in seven seconds if he did not receive money.

Since the 90s, Mannino has been in federal prison, lost a mother to lung cancer, developed colon cancer himself, then pleaded for an early release, according to SI Live.

The 43-year-old  associate is now wanted in connection with a Dec. 29 robbery at a Capital One Bank in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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