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May 2012
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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Fed Judge Deciding Whether FBI Improperly Gathered Evidence

Judge Garr M. King, photo Wikipedia

Shoshanna Utchenik

Yet another instance of the war on terror infringing on personal freedoms? Or a case of bureaucracy standing in the way of justice?

Federal Judge Garr M. King has to make that determination.

Oregon Live reports that King has delayed ruling on whether the FBI improperly gathered evidence on Portland terrorism suspect Mohamed Mohamud, in which case significant corroborating evidence would not be admissible in Mohamud’s upcoming trial.

The Oregon State University student will stand trial October 2 for allegedly attempting to ignite a weapon of mass destruction in 2010, an incident both prevented by and baited by an FBI sting operation. The FBI’s investigation was triggered by concerns from the suspect’s father that his son was being brainwashed by Islamic jihadists, according to Oregon Live.

In an unrelated incident, 2009 date rape charges against Mohamud were dropped. This was after Mohamud volunteered his laptop and cellphone to State Police and came up clean. That’s where things got sticky: As part of their ongoing investigation, the FBI helped themselves to info the state cops got from these personal devices. Did the the FBI violate Muhamud’s rights by ‘sharing’ this info?

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