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December 2012
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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Jerry Capeci’s Gang Land News Website Picks Mob Story of the Year

Gang Land News photo

By Allan Lengel
Mob expert Jerry Capeci of Gang Land News notes that 2012 in New York “bought several stunning acquittals at racketeering/murder trials, cases once considered easy pickings for the government.”

 He goes on to write:

But despite those dramatic turnarounds, there was little  contest for top Gang Land story of the year. That was the bizarre suicide of a virtually unknown Gambino family soldier who, after cooperating with the feds, went briefly back to his murderous gangster ways before taking his own life.

Capeci writes that Stefanelli doubled crossed his colleagues by agreeing to wear a wire in cases involving people in multi-states. In exchange, the feds let him skate in some drug case.

Capeci then writes:

In what knowledgeable law enforcement sources now  believe was a macabre grand scheme the wiseguy concocted to avoid going back to prison, Stefanelli killed himself with a self-inflicted drug overdose when agents informed him that his undercover work was ending and he would soon begin his public role at the trial of Philadelphia mob boss Joseph (Uncle Joe) Ligambi.

“It looks like he never had any intention to take the witness  stand,” said one law enforcement official

In his latest postings,  Capeci  gives  Colombo soldier Charles (Moose) Panarella the Oldest, Craftiest Living Hoodlum Award.


Because he arranged to receive an award for 50 years of service from the International Union of Operating Engineers, a construction industry union Capeci says Panarella allegedly extorted for 20 years.

Gang Land News is a subscription-based website. But it’s worth it.


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