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Ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh Warns of Dangers of Importing Prescription Drugs From Canada


Ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh

By Allan Lengel

Ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh warns of the dangers of importing cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

“It’s a crisis. Medicines that are fabricated overseas, under unregulated, unsupervised conditions are flooding into the United States,” Freeh tells KXAN TV. “A lot are available on the internet. The ones that are coming into the country are overwhelming our Customs and Border Patrol. The FDA commissioner recently said he would need 4,500 brand new officers just to start identifying the importation of these counterfeit medicines.”

“Again,¬†many people thinking ‘I can pay less for a drug because it’s coming from Canada’, but if you go one layer underneath that you find the drugs are not being made in Canada.¬†They could be made in somebody’s garage in Asia that is also fabricating fentanyl.”

Freeh granted the interview before he planned to talk to Florida lawmakers on the controversial subject.