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LGBT Workers Claim They’re Facing Increasingly Hostile Environment At Justice Department

[1]By Allan Lengel

The Justice Department, which enforces civil rights laws, is facing a battle within.

The department has grown increasingly hostile toward its own LGBT workers, causing top talent to quit as they experience discrimination and “declining morale,” according to a group of LGBT employees who confronted Attorney General Bill Barr in a letter this week, BuzzFeed reports. [2]

The group DOJ Pride, which represents thousands of employees at the agency, cites its internal survey of LGBT workers who find it “demoralizing” that officials have failed to issue a statement guaranteeing protection from harassment at the Justice Department, BuzzFeed writes.

“I am leaving the DOJ in part due to the DOJ’s treatment of its LGBTQ employees,” one worker said in the October survey, while another complained, “The DOJ is no longer the welcoming, inclusive environment for LGBTQ employees that it once was.”