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After Hoover, No FBI Director Has Served Longer than Robert S. Mueller III

Robert Mueller

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Next to the big guy, J. Edgar Hoover, Robert S. Mueller III is the longest serving FBI director.

And with Thursday’s announcement of a proposed two-year extension — which seems all but certain Congress will OK —  he’ll add to the record. His 10-year term is set to expire in September.

Next to Mueller, William Webster served the most years with  9 from Feb. 23, 1978 to May 25, 1987; Louis Freeh served nearly 8 years from Sept. 1, 1993 to June 25, 2001; William Sessions served nearly 6 years from Nov. 2, 1987 to July 19, 1993; and Clarence Kelley served nearly 5 from July 9, 1973 to Feb. 15, 1978.

William Webster/fbi photo

Hoover served nearly 37 years from July 1, 1935 to May 2, 1972.

There were also acting directors who served far shorter times.

After Hoover, Congress passed a law capping the FBI director’s term at 10-years. Congress will now have to change the overall legislation or pass some narrowly worded bill so Mueller can stay on for two more years. Mueller is generally well regarded on Capitol Hill, so it appears it won’t be a big problem passing some form of legislation.

That being said, some like Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Ia.) indicated Thursday that they will give the matter some examination.

“This is an unusual step by the President, and is somewhat of a risky precedent to set,” Grassley said in a statement.

“Thirty-five years ago Congress limited the FBI director’s term to one, 10-year appointment as an important safeguard against improper political influence and abuses of the past. There’s no question that Director Mueller has proven his ability to run the FBI. And, we live in extraordinary times.

“So, I’m open to the President’s idea, but I will need to know more about his plan to ensure that this is not a more permanent extension that would undermine the purposes of the term limit.”

Clarence Kelley

William Sessions/fbi photo

Louis Freeh

FBI Files Show Steinbrenner Dodged Agents Probing His Illegal Donations to Nixon

By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — The often outspoken and never shy late Yankees owner George M. Steinbrenner was not so talkative when it came to an FBI probe into his illegal campaign contributions to President Nixon’s re-election campaign, the New York Daily News reported.

Based on FBI documents released Thursday, the Daily News reported that Steinbrenner dodged FBI agents investigating the matter, and they were  told he was traveling.

The Daily News reported that FBI Director Clarence M. Kelley wanted his agents to give the probe the highest priority.

“This investigation is to be afforded highest priority and security,” Kelley wrote in one teletype. “Cleveland to assign most capable personnel to achieve prompt positive results.”

In a handwritten notation on another memo, Kelley wrote, “hit this real hard with the best talent … Positive results are expected,” the Daily News reported.

Steinbrenner pleaded guilty in 1974 to giving illegal campaign contributions and was fined $15,000. He made the campaign contributions through bonuses to his employees at the American Shipbuilding Co., who then donated the money.

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