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Tag: sex scenes

Ex-Prosecutor Glad Justice Department No Longer Screening Steamy Mystery Writings

Allison Leotta

By Allan Lengel
For Deadline Detroit

Author Allison Leotta, a Detroit area native, says the Justice Department no longer has to screen her book transcripts, steamy sex scenes and all. That’s because she quit her job last year as a prosecutor in Washington.

“It’s is a relief,” says the Michigan State graduate who now lives in suburban D.C.

Back in 2010, the Justice Department screened her first book, “Law of Attraction”, to check for any national security breaches. So Justice Department folks had to read the whole thing. Everything.

When I spoke to her back then she was on a leave of absence from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C.  as sex crimes prosecutor, and I asked her about the Justice review.

“It was embarrassing to me,” said Leotta, who grew up in Farmington Hills and Franklin.  “There were some steamy sex scenes, not the sort of thing I’d discuss with my boss and ethics officials at the Justice Department. It made rides in the elevator a little uncomfortable for a while.”
The publisher, Simon & Schuster, liked it so much, it signed her to a three-book deal, with the main character Anna Curtis set to appear in each one. Curtis is a sex crimes prosecutor — just like Leotta. The character Curtis has an abusive dad.The good news was the book played to very flattering reviews, with one critic describing her as the “female John Grisham.”

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