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Anthrax Suspect Had His Lab Access Revoked

Anthrax suspect Bruce Ivins [1]

Anthrax suspect Bruce Ivins

More information is surfacing about the behavior of anthrax suspect Bruce E. Ivins, who committed suicide before the government could move forward with its case. The FBI has released new documents [2] in the case.

By David Dishneau
Associated Press
HAGERSTOWN, Md. — Anthrax mailing suspect Bruce E. Ivins’ access to Army biodefense laboratories was revoked in March after he spilled anthrax on his pants and went home to wash them instead of immediately reporting the accident, according to an Army report.
The accident occurred March 17 at Fort Detrick while the microbiologist, who died of an apparent suicide July 29, was working with the relatively mild strain of anthrax used for vaccinating livestock.
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