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Column: Ex-ICE Agent Worried About Mexican Drug Cartels Getting to U.S. Law Enforcement

Marty Ficke/security debrief [1]

Marty Ficke

By Marty Ficke
Security DeBrief

The arrest of Richard Cramer earlier this month is very disturbing news for many reasons.

Personally disturbing to me, not only because I am a former ICE Special Agent and Supervisor, but also because of the damage incidents like this have on inter-agency cooperation, and in this case, international cooperation.

It should remind all agents, officers, prosecutors, analysts, and staff of the importance and necessity to “compartmentalize” any and all information relating to sensitive investigations and law enforcement activities. It reinforces the necessity of operational security and the policy of controlling access to “on a need to know basis”.

Cramer was arrested by DEA on September 4th for his participation in a conspiracy to provide members of a Mexican drug cartel with information and background on U.S. narcotics enforcement activities.

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