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Roland Corvington Returns For Second Tour as Head of FBI St. Louis Office

Roland Corvington/fbi photo [1]

Roland Corvington/fbi photo

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — Roland J. Corvington, who headed up the St. Louis FBI office from 2005 to 2007, is returning to take charge of that office once again, the FBI annnounced Tuesday.

Corvington, assistant director of the FBI’s Security Division at headquarters,replaces John Gillies, who was recently named special agent in charge of the FBI’s Miami Division.

Corvington joined the FBI in 1987 and was first assigned to the Kansas City office where he worked on a white collar crime squad and a Safe Street Task Force.

In September 1996, he was assigned to the Drug Section of the Criminal Investigative Division at headquarters.

Two years later, he was promoted to the Inspection Division as an assistant inspector. The next year, was appointed to as chief of the Inspection Management Unit in the Inspection Division’s Office of Inspections, the FBI said.

In the next several years, he took on other positions and in Feburary 2005, he became special agent in charge of the St. Louis office. Two years later he returned to headquarters.

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