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No Joke: Have You Heard About the Official FBI Cologne?

Would J. Edgar Hoover Have Bought a bottle of "Integrity"?/fbi photo [1]
Would J. Edgar Hoover Have Bought a bottle of “Integrity”?/fbi photo

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — And now for the FBI agent who has everything.

The FBI Recreation Association, a non-profit organization which sells official FBI merchandise at headquarters and FBI field offices, has announced on its website that it is selling an official FBI cologne called “Integrity”.

“For the first time ever,  a terrific, light spicy fragrance for the FBI’s man of distinction is now being offered at the RA Services Desk. Purchase a bottle for the man in your life. Only $36.99 a bottle,” the website says.

First off, who knew integrity smelled so good?

Don’t worry ladies. The Association says it will be out with a fragrance for women in 2010.

What would J. Edgar Hoover say?

Who knows?  But the FBI did not have an immediate comment.

By the way, the FBI website says all FBI employees belong to the  FBI Recreation Association free of  charge.