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Border Patrol Gets New Agent in Charge at Marysville Station in Michigan

[1]Steve Neavling

The Border Patrol’s Marysville station in Michigan has a new agent in charge.

Matt Calmes, who spent most of his 16-year career with the Border Patrol in Southwest, told a Marysville City Council that the community is the priority.

“As we continue to move toward a risk-based approach – as opposed to a resource-based approach – the community is the most important piece of our enforcement puzzle, especially here in this area,” Calmes said. “Anything that we can do to help the community, and any information the community has for us, is invaluable.”

Mayor Dan Damman inquired about the difference between the two approaches.

“Around 2004, we got all the stuff we wanted and that continued through about 2010, 2011,” Calmes said. “Our strategy was personnel, technology and infrastructure. So give us more stuff, give us more people and we’ll secure the border. That was great when the economy was on the uprise. As we’ve plateaued, it’s been determined that we can’t secure our border with stuff and people alone. Now it’s more of a risk-based approach. We assess areas of the border based on threat and vulnerability. We deploy our assets based on that risk. We now operate under the construct of information, integration and rapid response… We’re trying to do … the right things with the resources we got during the fruitful years.”