FBI Ramps Up Skills to Combat Growing Sophistication of International Cyber Attacks

Steve Neavling ticklethewire.com The FBI defeated an insidious computer virus using anti-hacker tactics that the bureau didn’t have a few years ago, Bloomberg reports. The cyberbattle with Gameover Zeus ended in victory last week after FBI experts reverse-engineered the virus’ communication, seized control over servers overseas and kept hackers from re-establishing contact. ‚ÄúThis was the…

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Jeh Johnson

Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson Acknowledges Border Security Needs to Be Improved

Steve Neavling ticklethewire.com In a major departure from his predecessor, new Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson is complaining that the border needs to be strengthened, the Washington Times reports. Unlike predecessor Janet Napolitano, Johnson is urging Congress to help improve border security. Napolitano took on the tone that the border was more secure than ever….

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Drug Policy Alliance: DEA Impeded, Rejected Science on Medical Marijuana for 4 Decades

By Ethan Nadelmann Executive Director of Drug Policy Alliance For four decades, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has systematically obstructed medical research and rejected scientific evidence. It’s increasingly clear that entrusting decisions involving medical science to the DEA is akin to leaving the fox in charge of the henhouse. And what’s most striking is how…

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