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How FBI May Be Able to Recover Clinton’s ‘Wiped’ E-Mails

Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_crop [1]By Steve Neavling

Although Hillary Clinton said more than 31,000 e-mails were deleted from her private server because she considered them personal, the FBI should be able to resurrect them, Mother Jones reports.  [2]

Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, maintained that Clinton’s e-mails were “wiped” from the server, but the Denver-based company that operated the e-mail system said there’s no record of the e-mails being wiped.

“So this could mean the FBI will be able to recover emails that the Clinton crew deleted—and that the bureau will be able to review all the emails and documents on the server to determine if materials, possibly including classified information, were handled properly,” Mother Jones wrote.

A computer forensic expert, Jon Berry, said the FBI can copy the server’s contents and analyze them to determine if the content is recoverable.

Deleting files is not enough to permanently remove them, Berry said. They would need to be overwritten.

If they weren’t deleted, computer forensic specialists may be able to recover the e-mails, Berry said.