Administration Rejecting FBI Pleas For More Agents To Investigate Financial Mess

Is the Bush administration falling short in probing the financial mess? Some say yes.

By Paul Shukovsky and Daniel Lathrop
Seattle P-I Reporters
The Bush administration is rejecting FBI pleas for more agents to investigate crimes that helped trigger the global financial meltdown, bureau sources said this week.
“They are bogged down big-time or there would be some indictments by now,” said a recently retired bureau official who played a pivotal role in setting FBI policy after 9/ 11.
The FBI’s response to the meltdown stands in sharp contrast to past financial crises, he said. “There are three comparable things … the S&L crisis, corporate fraud like Enron and health care fraud. There was a clear, well-delineated effort there. I don’t see it here.”
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