Analyst Who Mocked FBI’s Crackdown on Insider Trading Gets More Than 4 Years in Prison

Steve Neavling 

A former research analyst apparently thought he was untouchable when the FBI began investigating him.

John Kinnucan publicly mocked the bureau’s probe, calling agents “fresh-faced eager beavers.”

Then on Tuesday, a federal judge sentenced Kinnucan to more than four years in prison for insider trading, CNN reports.

Kinnucan, who was outspokenly critical of the government’s insider-trading crackdown, is accused of making at least 25 threats to law enforcement officials over the course of the investigation, CNN wrote.

Kinnucan  “made repeated references to genocide, sexual and other forms of violence” and also tried to talk with witnesses in the case, the FBI said.

“Today’s sentence of John Kinnucan is a fitting conclusion to a criminal odyssey that began with the buying and selling of inside information and evolved into a vile and very public campaign to threaten public servants and obstruct the federal investigation into Kinnucan’s conduct,” Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement

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