Biden Administration Proposes New FBI Headquarters in Suburbs

By Steve Neavling

The Biden administration has revived long-stalled plans to build a new FBI headquarters in suburban Maryland or Virginia. 

In its 2023 budget request released Monday, the White House said the administration “recognizes the critical need for a new FBI headquarters” and that the current J. Edgar Hoover building “can no longer support the long-term mission of the FBI.”

“The Administration has begun a multi-year process of constructing a modern, secure suburban facility from which the FBI can continue its mission to protect the American people,” the administration wrote. “During the next year, FBI and GSA will work to identify a location to construct a Federally- owned, modern and secure facility for at least 7,500 personnel in the suburbs.”

The FBI has been searching for a new headquarters for years, but funding problems and the Trump administration delayed the project. Trump had called for the headquarters, which is a stone’s throw from his Washington D.C. hotel, to be built downtown, rather than in the suburbs. 

The current headquarters is cramped and outdated, the FBI says. 

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