Border Patrol Goes Outside Ranks to Choose FBI Veteran As New Leader


By Steve Neavling

The U.S. Border Patrol will be lead by an FBI veteran, a departure from choosing from within the ranks.

The Associated Press reports that Mark Morgan will head the agency.

Choosing Morgan to lead the Border Patrol is not a reflection of the agency’s lack of confidence in the current leadership or performance of the agency, said Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gill Kerilowske.

“In the case of the Border Patrol, the current leadership across the top, from headquarters to the field, consists of the finest group of men and women that I have worked with in my more than 40 years in law enforcement,” Kerlikowske wrote in a memo to staff.

Morgan, 50, has experience with the Border Patrol. He served as acting assistant commissioner for internal affairs in 2014.

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