Column: We Shouldn’t Become Complacent About Terror Attacks

Ellen Howe
Ellen Howe

By Ellen Howe
Security DeBrief

The Heritage Foundation is holding an interesting series this week focusing on Homeland Security and bringing together a number of people who have served in the early years of the department to share enlightening dialogue on their insights and expertise.

One thing is for certain, it is hard to take credit for what hasn’t happened. In the years since September 11, 2001, twenty-four terror plots have been disrupted in the United States. This is top of mind given recent arrests in Denver and New York. The thwarted plot looks a lot like a very well planned out attack on major transit that was well along in the planning and, perhaps, even close to the execution phase

Despite these recent developments, the American public suffers from complacency. As the years pass it is very easy to get in the “it couldn’t happen to me mode.” The American public should fight this urge – it is essential that we not become complacent.

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