Congressman Demands to Know Why Justice Department Not More Involved in Oregon Standoff

Rep. Peter DeFazio, an Oregon Democrat.
Rep. Peter DeFazio, an Oregon Democrat.

By Steve Neavling

Where is the Justice Department?

That’s what a Congressman from Oregon is asking about the standoff at a wildlife refuge in his state, The Hill reports. 

Rep. Peter DeFazio, a Democrat, said the federal government needs to act more aggressively to arrest the armed protesters.

“Well, the lights and the heat are on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge illegally occupied by ultra right-wing, anti-government extremists,” DeFazio said on the House floor Wednesday. “But you gotta wonder if the lights are on or anybody’s home down at the Justice Department.”

“Hello!” he yelled, waving his right hand. “I don’t think there’s anybody there.”

DeFazio said he doesn’t believe the Justice Department is doing enough to prevent armed protests against the federal government.

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