County Officials in Missouri Refuse to Cooperate With ATF

By Allan Lengel

Six top elected officials in Camden County, Missouri, are taking on ATF.

Commissioner Ike Skelton (Screenshot from Lake TV)

They’re refusing to cooperate with the federal agency, claiming it’s unconstitutional to deal with them, KCUR radio in Kansas City reports. The agency has requested zoning information so it can complete applications for four gun stores in the county.

In a letter to the ATF office in Kansas City, Camden County presiding commissioner Ike Skelton cited a local ordinance banning county employees from working with the ATF, the station reports.

“Under the Anti-Commandeering Doctrine, Camden County was the first county in Missouri, and possibly in the country, to pass an ordinance prohibiting any county employee from assisting your unconstitutional agency in violating the rights of our citizens,” Skelton wrote.

ATF spokesman Jon Ham says the agency is trying to help people open guns stores, not take them away, the station reports.

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