Donald Trump Supports Making Giuliani Secretary of Homeland Security

Rudolph Giuliani
Rudolph Giuliani

By Steve Neavling

If Donald Trump is elected president, he plans to name Rudy Giuliani the secretary of Homeland Security.

The New York Daily News reports that a secret deal has been struck by Trump to make Giuliani the head of Homeland Security. 

“It’s my understanding that the two have talked directly (and) I know there have been serious talks on both sides,” the Daily New was told. “I’m told it’s a done deal, but until it’s on paper, I don’t think anyone is counting on anything. Trump is already cutting deals as he moves to solidify his position in the party.”

Giuliani said he would support Trump as president.

“He’s my friend, and I think of the candidates, of the choices that I have, he’s the best choice for President,” Giuliani told The New York Times before last month’s New York primary.

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