Drunk Man Accused of Threatening Family Members of an FBI Agent

Steve Neavling

There’s an old, time-tested rule: Don’t make phone calls while you’re really inebriated.

Peter Joseph Persico apparently couldn’t help himself at a Florida bar when he called the FBI office in Albany and unleashed a torrent of profanity directed at an agent, the Albany Times Union reports.

Still fuming after he was indicted on cyberstalking charges stemming from tormenting a woman in Montgomery County in New York, Persico is accused of telling a federal agent over the phone, “Tell your mom I said hi. Tell your sister I said hi,¬†too,” the Albany Times Union reported.

Persico’s attorney on Tuesday said his client was drunk and did not mean any harm.

But Senior U.S. District Court Judge Thomas McAvoy wasn’t impressed and denied Persico’s motion to toss the charges.


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