Even then it took a long time before being Jasper started to

Like maxed IVs!) They also weight without having to be physically bigger. That could mean Amethyst has more mass packed in her body than the other gems Canada Goose Sale, which would explain her shapeshifting prowess.In particular, why Amethyst can shapeshift into someone twice her size like The Purple Puma, or Jasper, without taking damage (when she used to the form, Purple Puma vs Jasper, she been shown to sustain Puma for much longer without resting). Even then it took a long time before being Jasper started to be hard for her.In contrast, remember how tired Steven got, from just stretching his body a few inches??Her smaller body is ALSO why when she finally accepts herself, it takes her TEN SECONDS to reform after she poofed the second time:How long did it take Pearl the Perfectionist?TWO.

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