Ex-FBI Agent Gets 8 to 20 Years in Prison in Las Vegas Slaying

Edward Preciado-Nuno/kimberly long blog
By Allan Lengel

Ex-San Diego FBI agent Edward Preciado-Nuno was sentenced last week in Las Vegas state court to 8 to 20 years in prison in the slaying of his son’s girlfriend, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

The paper reported that Preciado-Nuno, 63, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter after beating his son’s girlfriend Kimberly Long to death with a hammer in November 2008 at his son’s home. His son had been trying to evict her.

Preciado-Nuno testified that he struck her in self defense. But prosecutors said she had been struck more than a dozen times in the head, raising questions about the self-defense claim.

Preciado-Nuno, a 25-year FBI agent, retired in 2003. His son had asked him to come to Las Vegas from San Diego to help evict Long, the paper reported.


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