Ex-Gov Blago Has Flamoyant Father-Son Attorneys

Blagojevich in happier days
Blagojevich in happier times

Yes, in the world of ex- Gov Rod Blagojevich, the show must go on.  To assure us that happens, he’s hired some very flamboyant attorneys.

Associated Press Writer
CHICAGO – Now that he’s been ousted from the governor’s office, Rod Blagojevich is pinning his hopes of staying out of prison on a father-and-son duo of defense attorneys, one of whom grabbed the limelight at R&B superstar R. Kelly’s sex tape trial.
“These are two of the most flamboyant attorneys in town,” DePaul University law professor Leonard Cavise says of the team of Sam Adam and his son, Samuel E. Adam.
Cavise predicts fireworks if Blagojevich goes to trial on federal corruption charges, including allegations that he tried to sell the Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama.
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