Ex-Ill. Gov. Walker Who Went to Prison Calls Blagojevich’s Conduct “Disgraceful”

By Dan Walker
former Illinois Governor

Chicago Tribune
While I admittedly erred in my private life 10 years after serving as Illinois governor-and paid the price for my mistakes-I am too proud of my state and my unblemished service as governor to remain silent about the despicable conduct of Gov. Rod Blagojevich.
The 76-page criminal complaint’s incredible account of corruption is based on Blagojevich’s taped conversations. In Shakespeare’s words, he is hoisted with his own petard. The complaint ranks with Al Capone in establishing a disgraceful image of Illinois in the minds of people all over the world.
Just as with Richard Nixon, we don’t need a trial to comment on this sordid story. The government’s representation of the tapes alone establish that Blagojevich believed a seat in the U.S. Senate could be sold to the highest bidder. Not just any seat, but the one vacated by President-elect Barack Obama.
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