Fallen U.S. Marshal Thomas Weeks Honored During Memorial Service

Thomas M. Weeks Jr.

By Steve Neavling

A deputy U.S. Marshal who was fatally shot while trying to serve an arrest warrant on a fugitive in North Carolina was honored Monday at a memorial service attended by hundreds of people, including U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland. 

Deputy Marshal Thomas M. “Tommy” Weeks Jr. was remembered for loving his family and being committed to public safety, The Charlotte Observer reports.

Weeks’s wife Kelly Weeks described her 48-year-old husband as an affectionate, devoted family man and father who was her protector. He had four children. 

“I woke up every single day to a man telling me he loved me, ‘You’re the most beautiful woman,’ ‘How lucky I am to have you.’ What he didn’t realize is I was the lucky one,” she said. 

Kelly Weeks urged people to unite to support law enforcement for their sacrifices. 

“They continue to fight for justice, just like my husband did,” she said. “Thank an officer, every single day.”

Weeks was among four task force officers who were killed while trying to arrest a man on a warrant of felony possession of a firearm at his home in Charlotte. Authorities said Terry Clark Hughes Jr., 39, shot at officers, prompting a three-hour standoff. Four other officers were also injured. 

At the memorial, Garland said he called Kelly Weeks to express his condolences, and to his surprise, she asked if she could help support the Marshals Service and Justice Department at such a difficult time. 

“I called hoping to lift your spirits,” Garland said. “The call ended with you lifting mine, and I know that is what you have been doing all week for both your family and for the U.S. Marshals Service family.

“Mrs. Weeks, I did not have the honor of knowing Tommy, but from everything I have heard about him, I know he would be very proud of you.”

Garland said Weeks was devoted to his family. 

“I know that no words can adequately describe the pain that you are feeling now. That nothing can undo this horrible loss,” Garland said. Watch the memorial service here.

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