FBI Arrests El Paso Judge on Charges of Taking Bribes in Money and Sex

Judge ?/news channel 9-el paso
Judge Manuel Barraza/news channel 9-el paso

This is really where the system breaks down. When a judge is accused of wrongdoing, things are really broken. 

By Ramon Bracamontes
El Paso Times
EL PASO, Tex. — EL PASO — The state suspended District Court Judge Manuel Barraza on Thursday afternoon, just hours after FBI agents arrested him on suspicion of taking money and sexual favors as bribes.

“This is embarrassing,” Barraza said of his arrest. “What concerns me the most right now is that I’ve embarrassed my family.”

A federal grand jury indicted Barraza, 53, on three charges of wire fraud and deprivation of honest services. He faces an additional charge of making a false statement to the FBI, whose agents arrested him at his house Thursday morning.

In an interview outside the federal courthouse, where he posted $10,000 bond, Barraza spoke of the U.S. Constitution in relation to his case.

“The great thing about this is that we have a right to presumed innocence,” he said.

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One thought on “FBI Arrests El Paso Judge on Charges of Taking Bribes in Money and Sex

  1. Seeking statistics:
    * Any number and names on indictments by FBI of California judges, either state or federal, in past 20 years?
    * Any numbers and names on indictment by FBI of Los Angeles judges in past 20 years, either state of federal?

    Any reliable data would be gratefully appreciated.

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