FBI Records: Agents Suspected Saudis Living in Florida Provided help to Sept. 11 Hijackers

Steve Neavling

New FBI records suggest that Saudis who had lived in Florida before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks helped the hijackers, prompting revived calls for an investigation into co-conspirators, BrowardBulldog.org reports.

“One question that has gone unanswered through the investigation of 9/11 is ‘Did the hijackers operate alone or did they have accomplices who facilitated their ability to act?” said former Florida Sen. Bob Graham. “I think the information we have now makes a very strong case that they did.”

The relatively obscure news organization BrowardBulldog.com broke the news after acquiring FBI records that showed agents were suspicious of three people who had been living in Sarasota. Two of them were students at the Venice flight school attended by two of the hijackers.

“Further investigation of the [ name deleted ] family revealed many connections between the [ name deleted ] and individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001,” says an April 16, 2002 FBI report.

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