FBI Says Tribune Story Didn’t Affect Timing of Gov’s Arrest

By The Wall Street Journal
Washington Wire

The timing of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s arrest wasn’t affected by a Chicago Tribune story that reported Blagojevich was being secretly recorded as part of a political corruption investigation, a Federal Bureau of Investigation spokesman said. The Dec. 9 arrest, the spokesman said, had been planned before the Tribune article appeared Dec. 5.
A Washington Wire post Dec. 14 incorrectly said the Tribune article dictated the timing of the arrest. The governor faces corruption charges that include seeking a political or financial deal in exchange for an appointment to the U.S. Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama.
The FBI spokesman did not dispute that some members of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s team believed the Tribune article prompted Blagojevich to cancel a meeting allegedly called to discuss trading the Senate seat for campaign contributions.

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