FBI Sting Involving Foreign Bribery Nets 22 Arrests

File photo/istock
File photo/istock
By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — About 150 FBI agents executed 14 search warrants around the country and in London and 22 executives and employees in the law enforcement and military products industry were arrested as part of a sting involving allegations of foreign bribery,authorities announced Tuesday.

Twenty one people were arrested in Las Vegas  yesterday while one was arrested in Miami, authorities said.

According to a press release:

“The indictments allege that the defendants engaged in a scheme to pay bribes to the minister of defense for a country in Africa. In fact, the scheme was part of the undercover operation, with no actual involvement from any minister of defense.

“As part of the undercover operation, the defendants allegedly agreed to pay a 20 percent “commission” to a sales agent who the defendants believed represented the minister of defense for a country in Africa in order to win a portion of a $15 million deal to outfit the country’s presidential guard.

“In reality, the “sales agent” was an undercover FBI agent. The defendants were told that half of that “commission” would be paid directly to the minister of defense. The defendants allegedly agreed to create two price quotations in connection with the deals, with one quote representing the true cost of the goods and the second quote representing the true cost, plus the 20 percent “commission.” The defendants also allegedly agreed to engage in a small “test” deal to show the minister of defense that he would personally receive the 10 percent bribe.”

To read full press release click here.

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