FBI Warns Foreign Adversaries Are Increasingly Using AI to Influence U.S. Elections

Photo: Shutterstock

By Steve Neavling

The FBI warned Thursday that China, Russia and Iran are intensifying their attempts to influence the 2024 election by using artificial intelligence. 

“Election threats are more diverse and expansive than ever,” a senior FBI official told reporters, The Hill reports.  

Although each adversary has a different approach, they all have one thing in common – “sowing discord and undermining democracy,” the official said. 

China especially is ramping up its efforts by using fake media accounts to “push narratives and sow divisiveness,” similar to Russia’s disinformation campaign in previous elections. 

The adversaries are increasingly using artificial intelligence in their operations. 

“It doesn’t just kind of lower the barrier of entry for people to do work in this space or create fake content,” the official said.

“It also really increases the ability for our sophisticated nation state actors to scale their operations and really build them out larger than we’ve seen previously.”

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