FBI Warns of Scam Letter/Email Using Name of Detroit’s Top FBI Agent

scam letterBy Allan Lengel

Some crooks are using the name of the head of the Detroit FBI to run what amounts to a Nigerian scam letter, according to the FBI.

The FBI issued a warning saying a bogus letter is being emailed that says the recipient is the beneficiary of millions of dollars and needs to send money to release the funds.

The “Guarantee of Payment” letter is signed by Andrew Arena, special agent in charge of the FBI in Detroit.

The letter says that “the International clamp down on Terrorists” has put a hold on the funds. But the recipient of the letter can release the funds by sending money.

Along with the letter, is a second email/letter assuring a “100% Payment Guarantee” that is written on the letterhead of a legitimate institution and is signed also by Arena of the FBI, the FBI said.


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