Feds Charge S.C. Sheriff With Cocaine Trafficking: Allege He Also Tipped Off Drug Dealers

s.c. mapBy Allan Lengel

Federal authorities say a South Carolina sheriff stepped way way over the line.

The feds alleged in a criminal complaint that Lee County Sheriff E.J. Melvin not only dealt drugs from his police SUV, but tipped off or extorted money from a list of drug dealers provided by federal and state law enforcement authorities, the Associated Press reported.

The FBI tapped Melvin’s phone and at one point caught him saying he planned to seize some cocaine during a traffic stop, take some for himself and use the rest as evidence, AP said, citing an FBI affidavit.

Melvin was arrested on drug trafficking charges  Saturday, and he resigned after that, AP reported. Six others along with Melvin have been charged with cocaine trafficking.

Read FBI Affidavit

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