Former Secret Service Agent Blasted Bernie Sanders as ‘Socialist’ Bent on Destroying Freedoms

Daniel Bongino
Daniel Bongino

By Steve Neavling

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino slammed Democratic president candidate Bernie Sanders as a socialist bent on destroying American’s economic freedoms, The Washington Times reports. 

Bongino, an author who often resorts to hyperbolic, partisan language, condemned Sanders on Facebook.

“There is no such thing as ‘democratic socialism,’” Mr. Bongino argued. “Democratic socialism is the foolish idea that you can vote away the liberty of others, as long as you do it slowly.

“There is nothing ‘democratic’ about voting to take away the economic liberty of free men and women’s by taxing away more of their income,” he continued. “There is nothing ‘democratic’ about voting to take away an individual’s liberty to choose their health care options by turning it over to government bureaucrats.

“And there is nothing ‘democratic’ about voting away a family’s freedom to choose where they can send their child to school,” he added.

Bongino concluded: “Don’t be a sucker, don’t #‎FeelTheBern.”

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