Garland Defends DOJ, FBI from Republican Attacks in Congressional Testimony 

Attorney General Merrick Garland (file photo)

By Steve Neavling

Attorney General Merrick Garland offered impassion and unwavering support of the Justice Department and federal law enforcement officers during more than five hours of testimony Wednesday before the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee. 

“We will not be intimidated,” Garland said. “We will do our jobs free from outside interference. And we will not back down from defending our democracy.”

Garland’s testimony comes amid growing criticism from Republicans who have been making unproven claims that the DOJ and FBI are politically motivated in their investigations and prosecutions. 

In his opening statement, Garland said, “I am not the president’s lawyer. I will also add that I am not Congress’s prosecutor. The Justice Department works for the American people.”

Republicans allege federal authorities are too timid in going after Hunter Biden and too aggressive in prosecuting former President Trump. 

“The fix is in. Even with the face-saving indictment last week of Hunter Biden, everyone knows the fix is in,” House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan said in his opening statement.

U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, of New York, blasted Republicans for making unfounded claims. 

“I implore the public to see through the sham. I have no doubt that you will hear a deluge of conspiracy theories and baseless accusations,” Nadler said.

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