Head of Newark FBI Weysan Dun to Take Charge of Omaha Division

Dun Weysan/fbi photo
Weysan Dun/fbi photo
By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — Weysan Dun, who has headed the FBI’s Newark office, is leaving the east coast for the Midwest where he’ll take charge of  the Omaha Division, the FBI announced Monday.

Dun started out with the FBI in 1982 and worked in the San Francisco, Omaha, and Chicago Divisions, where he specialized in national security, high technology theft, extremist, and violent crime investigations, the FBI said.

In 1988, he came to the mothership in D.C. as a supervisory special agent of the National Security Division.

In 1991, he became a supervisory senior resident agent in the Hartford, Conn. office.

He returned to headquarters in 1997, where he directed the creation of the Program Management and Coordination Unit in the Organized Crime/Drug Investigations Branch of the Criminal Investigative Division, the FBI said.

Dun served as chief of the unit until the following year when he went to Omaha as an assistant special agent in charge. of the Omaha Division in July 1998.

In July 2002, he became an inspector in the Inspection Division at FBI Headquarters, the FBI said. The next year he became special agent in charge of the Springfield Division.

Nearly four years later, in April 2007, he was named special agent in charge of the Newark office.

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