Homeland Security Adviser: Hackers Largely Incapable of Compromising Election Systems

hacking By Steve Neavling

Amid concerns about suspected Russian cyberattacks targeting Democrats, President Obama’s homeland security adviser said it would be very difficult to alter an election outcome by hacking America’s voting systems.

That’s because election systems, for the most part, aren’t connected to the Internet, said the adviser, Lisa Monaco, the Chicago Tribune reports. 

“That makes it extremely disparate, extremely diffuse and, as a consequence, extremely difficult to have an effect across the board that would result in a change in results,” Monaco said during a question-and-answer session.

To combat concerns about election tampering, the federal government is helping local election officials detect vulnerabilities and encrypt voter registration data.

“The efforts of malicious actors to intrude upon voter registration databases and other elements of our critical infrastructure, as well as our voting infrastructure” remain of concern, she said.

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