Jason Weinstein Named Deputy Assistant Atty. Gen. in Criminal Division

justice-logo2Sounds like he is certainly qualified. And anyone who can quote Seinfeld episodes, as the author notes, can’t be all bad.

By Steve Levin
Fraud With Peril

Congratulations to Jason M. Weinstein, who has been asked to serve as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division.

AUSA Weinstein is a 1990 graduate of Princeton University (where he served as President of his class) and GW Law School (where he more often than not attended class. Actually, he must have gone to class. He did, after all, graduate cum laude).

Mr. Weinstein has previously served as a special investigative counsel in the DOJ IG office and as an AUSA in SDNY. Also, he signed my ketubah. While with SDNY, Mr. Weinstein was awarded the prestigious Director’s Award for his prosecution of a lawyer-gone-bad. AUSA Weinstein, clearly a lawyer-gone-good, currently serves as the Chief of the Violent Crime Section in the US Attorney’s Office in the District of Maryland. He has been in the Maryland office since 2002.

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