John Edwards Wants Criminal Charges Dropped; Claims Charges are Part of Political Crusade

John Edwards/senate photo
By Allan Lengel

Ex-Senator and two-time presidential candidate John Edwards, whose public image quickly turned to mud after news of his affair surfaced while his wife was dying of cancer, wants the criminal charges against him dismissed.

Politico’s Josh Gerstein reports that Edward’s high-powered attorneys Abbe Lowell, Jim Cooney and Wade Smith filed a motion Tuesday seeking to dismiss the crimina charges of campaign finance violations, saying the case amounts to a political crusade.

“This case is about politics,” the motion said, according to Politico. “A Republican U.S. Attorney with political ambitions of his own has used this high-profile case to his personal benefit,” the defense team wrote.

The motion was in reference to Bush-appointee, former Raleigh, N.C. U.S. Attorney George Holding, who resigned shortly after Edwards was indicted in June.

Interestingly, key politicians in the state wanted Holding to stay on as U.S. Attorney to handle the case, and to avoid allegations of political interference.

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