Justice Indicts Hot-Shot N.Y. Attorney and Wants to Look at Source of Fees in Baltimore Drug Case

Robert Simels/simelslaw.com
Robert Simels/simelslaw.com

Is New York attorney Robert M. Simels, a nemesis of the Justice Department,  just an aggressive advocate for his clients or a danger to public safety as the government claims? His long-standing battle with the Justice Department continues.

By Van Smith
Baltimore City Paper
BALTIMORE — On Thursday, Feb. 5, the Justice Department took two shots at Robert M. Simels, the self-described “Rolls Royce” of criminal-defense attorneys.
In New York, where Simels is charged with witness intimidation in connection with his defense of former Marylander Shaheed “Roger” Khan, who is accused of running a violent Guyanese cocaine conspiracy, prosecutors called Simels a “palpable danger” to public safety and convinced a judge to keep Simels’ bond, which is secured with his $2.5 million Westchester, N.Y., home, at $3.5 million. [view pdf below]
Meanwhile, in a Baltimore case that appears unrelated to Khan, another Justice Department attorney asked a judge to order Simels to cough up detailed information to a grand jury about how he’s getting paid to represent accused drug trafficker and money launderer Shawn Michael Green.
Just another day in the decades-long war between Justice and Simels.
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