Margins hit:Stating that the margins of the exporters in Kandla

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Canada Goose Parka But an exception should be made in our case as the quantities involved are too small to impact Indian garment manufacturers,” Mr Jain said.The Commerce Ministry had assured the units located in the Kandla SEZ that they will be allowed to sell their leftover clothes in the DTA. Anticipating a notification, the units have been piling up stocks for the last several months.Margins hit:Stating that the margins of the exporters in Kandla SEZ were taking a severe hit, Mr Jain said that one of the units has closed shop while another got burnt down recently and was not in a position to start operations again.”We employ nearly 5,000 workers, most of whom are unskilled women from Andhra Pradesh. If our leftover clothes are allowed to be sold in India, poor people will benefit as they will get good clothes at very low prices,” said Mr Haji Juned of Tulip Exim, another unit located in Kandla SEZ.Mr Jain said that all the units in Kandla SEZ follow international norms and import used garments only after proper fumigation and certification.The different units import nearly 6 Cheap Canada Goose Outlet,000 tonnes of used clothing every month, out of which about 2,500 tonnes are re exported and 2,100 tonnes get converted into industrial raw material. Canada Goose Parka

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